Armchair Travel: Keep On Movin’

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From the ugliest pieces of metal hurtling down the highway to some pretty freaky two-wheelers, we’ve scoured the world for some interesting man-made modes of transport.

Jason Policastro introduces us to the 10 Ugliest Cars Being Made Right Now such as the futuristic, Jetsons-style Smart ForTwo and the Mini Clubman, a stretched-out version of the Mini Cooper.

So happy to see the hippopotamus-shaped Chrysler PT Cruiser make the list.

In a fantastic photo essay that spotlights the 20 Freakiest Bikes on the Road, Hal Amen rounds up some unique looking choppers, cargo bikes, art bikes, clown bikes, and much more.

Maybe you’d rather stick to tried and true methods of getting around?

Check out Tom Gates’ Guide to Traveling via Eurail, and Carlo Alcos’ tips on taking sidetrips while doing the legendary Trans Siberian Railway.

For more wacky transportation, check out these books.

Watch the video: Caregiver Minute: Armchair Travel


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