Photo: Plane Falling From Above

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Is it really necessary to have a runway right beside a crowded beach?

During a recent bout of doing entirely too much work, I was dreaming of being on the beach.

Ah, thoughts of sand between my toes, slight breeze running through my hair, the sun beating down on my face. A trashy novel sitting by my side, which I’d glance at in between sips of my daiquiri/bloody mary/pina colada.

I might even paint my toes for the occasion, who knows?

And then, all of a sudden, a cloud begins to block my sun. Not to worry, I’m sure the cloud is just moving lazily through the sky the same way I’m moving through my martini.

The sun will be back in full swing in just a second.

Well, now it seems to be getting even darker out here, as if the sun is totally blocked. And a loud noise and swishing sound is beginning to hurt my ears. Am I going to have to take off my sunglasses, and the cucumbers on my eyes underneath them, to see what is going on?

Damn you, KLM!!

Got a too-close-for-comfort plane, train, or automobile story? Share your thoughts below.

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