Little Passports: Growing Young Explorers

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This company has developed a fun and completely innovative way to get kids interested in other countries and cultures.

Even in the digital age, is there anything more exciting for a child than a package arriving in the mail? And if that package is from an exotic, far-off country, all the better! The creators of Little Passports use a combination of real, tangible items and interactive online games that are guaranteed to get kids excited to learn about our neighbors around the globe.

As a Little Passports member, your child will receive a package every month from “Sam” and “Sofia”, their traveling friends. Each package will include a personalized letter describing their current location, as well as local souvenirs and fun activities. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Also included is a collectible boarding pass with a secret access code, which kids can use to log into a “Boarding Zone” online with lots of country-specific games.

For their first year with Little Passports, Sam and Sofia will guide children through countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, China, France, Australia, Egypt and South Africa.

The founders of Little Passports are determined to help the next generation of Americans become more globally aware.

In addition, the company proudly donates 1% of its sales to non-profits working to improve the conditions of children around the world such as SOS Children’s Villages – USA and Ubuntu Education Fund.

Price: $10.95/month



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