Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we'll be giving away to lucky readers." /> Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we'll be giving away to lucky readers." />

Twitter Contest Giveaway: Photography by Peter Guttman

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As part of the Matador Twitter contest, we will be spotlighting cool gear we’ll be giving away to lucky readers.

Twice named Travel Journalist of the Year, award-winning photographer Peter Guttman has traveled all seven (7) continents, exploring and photographing in over 200 (yes, 200!) countries for the likes of Conde Nast Traveler, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, and many more.

His photographs have also graced the covers of about a hundred Fodor’s and Frommer’s guidebooks.

To spread the word about Brazil’s natural beauty, Peter Guttman will be sharing some of his masterpieces with our Matador readers. The Brazilian photos were displayed as part of the annual meetings at the United Nations last year.

Each professionally framed 16-by 24-inch photograph is valued at $800. And the best part?

We’re giving away five (5) framed autographed photographs from Brazil. They make the perfect inspirational gift for budding photographers.

Disclaimer – This particular giveaway is limited to only US-based readers.


@leighfitz, @crfranke, @toneesh, @hosteldog, and @worldyking.

We’ll be contacting them directly to send them their signed photographs.

Want to win more free stuff from Matador? Follow us here @matadornetwork and keep your eyes peeled for the next contest!

Feature photo from Brazil by Paul Sullivan

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