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We want more of your ultra condensed travel writing, or “micro-notes,” which are mini flashes of narrative that can stand alone in three sentences or less.

Micro-Notes, travel stories of extreme brevity. Much like flash fiction, micro-notes tell a complete story in just a few sentences.

This round of submissions we would like notes on Waking up Far from Home. Can you capture the essence greeting the day abroad in three sentences or less?

For inspiration check out our first round of micro notes.

Please have your Notes in by Friday, November 20th. Submission details below.

What We Want

How you convey your story in three sentences is up to you. Keep in mind that we like ‘place.’ The setting of the story should be so concrete and defined as to almost feel like a character.


Packing Lists: In this new series we look at people’s actual packing lists as windows into their travel style and the places they’re going.

Journal Pages: Actual scans from people’s journals as insights into their creative vision and reflections on travel and place.

By the Numbers: Locations and experiences broken down to numbers. An interesting look at people and their interaction with place.

Please submit your micro notes to us with “submission: micro-notes” in the subject line. Selected submissions will be published in a compilation here at Matador after the 20th.

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