Seeking enlightenment in a 49 day fast

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Pushing to the edges of his body and mind in the name of spiritual discovery.

IN SEPTEMBER, writer and poet Neil Crummet intends to endure a 49 day fast, on a personal quest to learning and enlightenment. That’s seven weeks. A little under two months living on coconut milk and water only, as a team of medical specialists document his physical progress on what the project website describes as:

an exploration that aims to answer the question of who we might become if we step outside what is comfortable, listen to what is within us, and ride the winds of uncertainty in search of a better self.

Besides the primary challenge of fasting, a number of spiritual teachers will be meeting with Neil over the course of his meditations. In conversation, Neil hopes to push the boundaries of what he knows about himself and what he imagines he is capable of, in his quest for spiritual awakening.

Neil’s journey, the conversations he will engage in, and the experiences that he will endure, will be captured in a documentary that is simply titled Tree. A team of filmmakers is hoping to share the fine changes that Neil undergoes as he confronts his limits and learns to transcend, accept or understand them.

The project is currently seeking backers over at Kickstarter, where Neil’s journey into pushing his body and mind into a transcendental moment is starting to build momentum.

It’s worth watching his thoughts as the big day draws closer, his terror is a little infectious.



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